Polar Bear Solutions


Polar Bear Solutions is a product design company that produces bespoke products that allow companies to add value to there overall offereings.

Our aim is to identify and produce products that address gaps in the market allowing installers to sell and install a more feature rich solutions.

Although many of the products we make are for exclusive use, some products are made for the general market. See below for some of the products that is available openly.

 Lutron Homeworks Light switch combined with Heatmiser Thermostate

Lutron Homeworks Light switch combined with Heatmiser Thermostate

 Lutron Homeworks Cabinets

Lutron Homeworks Cabinets

Enquire about our new KIT lighting panels for a more cost effective cabinet solution for you chosen lighting control system

How we help our clients

We work with Manufactures and Installation companies to produce products as part of an out sourcing service.

This allows the manufacture to focus on the core products and services, but still have a full offering with shorter overall time to market.

Our Design Process

We use 3D modeling software to create and visualise the products. We can then create prototype models using rapid prototyping techniques, before moving to manufacturing and assembly.

The products can be branded to ensure they follow the compaies core values.

Discuss your design today

If you have an idea and unsure where to start, get in touch. We can work together with you to help you start realising your vision.

All correspondnace is treated confidentially.